With all of these apps and devices everywhere, memorization isn’t quite as big of a thing as it used to be. That needs to change. In my previous Security Tips post, I mentioned that you should memorize all of the passwords you can, especially your most critical ones. However, I never gave any tips on how to do that so in this post, I will.

1. The first day that you create the new account/password, login and log out at least 5 times, preferably right away. The more you have to type this password, the better.

2. Due to the above, DO NOT EVER LET THE BROWSER MEMORIZE YOUR PASSWORD. As times goes on, if you choose to, you may select the “Stay logged in option” when you feel comfortable, but for the first few logins and/or days of using the new password, don’t do this. This will force you to have to type the password in several times per day, causing it to become second nature/memorized.

3. If you’re going to be doing this, make sure you’re on a secured computer. No sense in typing passwords in on some public library computer or your friend’s work computer which may or may not have a keylogger on it.

4. Remember that the human mind can memorize more thank you might think… The advice of “Oh, just use a name and number you remember” is terrible advice in this day and age, especially with the speed of current computer and the future of AI coming up. Commit yourself to memorizing a strong password… If thousands and thousands of musicians can remember songs by repetition, so can you remember a non-word password… Unless you tell yourself that you can’t.

5. If you have a lot of accounts, and most of us do now adays, don’t try to remember every single one unless you are comfortable with doing that. Instead, memorize the important ones that are connected to your bank account, credit card, and money first… Then if you happen to have any memory space left, you can memorize the others over time 🙂

Hope these tips help.